What is Camino Connect?

Camino Connect is a HIPAA compliant, secure file transfer solution designed to save businesses money. The system was designed with the healthcare industry in mind, facilitating smooth data flow between organizations needing to exchange protected health information.

This secure file transfer system stands apart from the competition because of its bi-directional capabilities. For example, a physician requesting lab work can submit the request automatically, eliminating the human error of lost lab slips, and with Camino Connect the lab can send the results back to the physician securely. This is all done in a digital environment that requires no VPNs or outdated tele-printers.

Traction: Develop and Launched Jan 2021

Services: Custom Software Development Services

Market: Auctioneer, Charity, Antique Dealers, Lawyers. Movers

Team: Camino Information Services


How Is Camino Connect Unique?

  • No VPNs Needed
  • 128-Bit Encryption
  • Requires No Dedicated Data Lines or DSL
  • Easy to Implement
  • Uses Existing Data Lines

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What are the benefits of Camino Connect?

Easy to Use and Update

no expensive legacy equipment, modems, or teleprinters

HIPAA Compliant

meets standards for keeping medical data secure

Cost Effective

leverages existing network infrastructure

Competitive Advantage

fastercommunication at lower prices

HIPAA Compliant

meetsstandards for keeping medical data secure

Why You Need A Secure File Transfer Service

Businesses today face many different security threats and a highly competitive and fast-moving environment. They need a secure file transfer system to protect and reliably transfer their sensitive, business-critical data.

It’s imperative that your business use a secure file transfer solution that can move your data securely and efficiently, regardless of file size, file transfer volume, or complexity. A managed file transfer (MFT) solution, whether on-premises or in the cloud, provides a platform for secure file transfer.


Left unprotected, data in transit or at rest can be a huge risk for a breach. Using encrypted file transfer and secure file transfer protocols safeguards sensitive information and helps avoid data breaches. A secure file transfer service ensures that your files are guarded at rest and in motion and arrive at their destination unscathed.


File transfer automation helps ensure accuracy and saves time, eliminating the reliance on less accurate and time-consuming manual file transfers. When you automate your file transfers, you can schedule your encrypted file transfers, manage recurring transfers, and more.


Many organizations must meet government and industry-regulated compliance requirements such as HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, SOX, GDPR, and more. A secure data transfer solution makes facilitating and maintaining compliance easier by providing security monitoring and controls, auditing and reporting capabilities, and more.

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