-  Coordinating ambulances

-  Dispatching ambulances is the responsibility of the Emergency Coordination Center 115 or the hospital that owns the ambulance.

-  The operating department communicates with the ambulance drivers manually in two ways:

     + Call via walkie talkie;

     + Make phone calls;

Traction: Develop and Launched Jan 2021

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-   Vehicle dispatchers sitting at the center use a Web browser on a computer connected to the Internet to access the specified address to perform their duties;

-   I was driving using an application (APP) installed on a smartphone or tablet fixed on the ambulance (with a3G/4G connection).

-   The software is user-friendly, simple to operate, and implemented on App and Web platforms, so the infrastructure is unnecessary - just an Internet connection.

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Main functions in the dispatcher software:

•   Manage all ambulances in Hanoi.

•   Management of centers and hospitals.

•   Create an emergency request.

•   Monitor vehicle activities.

•   Get downloaded scene images from the ambulance.

•   Data output.

From the main screen, the dispatch manager can get general information on all ambulances: location, status, and expected arrival time.

•     The system will automatically suggest the nearest car and the nearest hospital.

•    Recommend the optimal path.

•     Detailed management of requests in progress during the day

•    View details of the actual route of each trip.

•    See the speed at any time on each trip.

•    View photo sand movies recorded from the scene. 

•   The system can look up the route of each ambulance by day, including location and speed, at a fixed time.

•    Requirement accepted.

•    Supports optimal pathfinding.

•    Support on-site photography and video recording.

•     Support phone call function in case professional advice is needed.

•     Connecting people to send emergency requests directly through the phone app. Emergency center to quickly bring the patient to the fastest medical facility

•     Support and suggest first aid steps for medical staff to give effective first aid to patients; The doctor sees the patient's condition before the patient is admitted to the hospital.

•     Support accurate assessment of the patient's condition.

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